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Our clients rely on Integral to create safer environments. We are UK Specialist in asbestos removal, testing, abatement & containment, as well as safely and legally disposing of contaminated waste.

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asbestos removal near me

Asbestos Removal near me

If you have identified asbestos, you can depend on us to remove it quickly, efficiently and safely. Integral has extensive experience of removing all kinds of asbestos from a wide variety of sites, both large and small. Wherever you are in the UK Integral will come quickly and sort out the problem for you.

We have a full, three-year licence issued by the Health & Safety Executive to undertake work with asbestos, which we can supply on request. If you have time sensitive or complex projects, we pride ourselves on fitting in with your works schedule and meeting your deadlines.

Call Now on: 01268 534 034

Asbestos Surveys near me

Got a project involving a property that was built before 2000? Then there’s always a chance that asbestos containing materials were used in the structure.

This means you need a comprehensive asbestos survey before undertaking structural alterations or demolition. If you are in this position, we can arrange an appropriate asbestos survey to determine whether your building contains asbestos, as well as provide recommendations for safely conducting the work you need to complete. Call us now to arrange a survey: 01268 534 034.

is there asbestos in artex?
Asbestos abatement companies near me

Asbestos Abatement near me

Sometimes it’s not necessary to completely remove asbestos from a building in order for work to be carried out safely. In these instances, asbestos remediation or abatement strategies can be highly effective.

For example, some refurbishments can be completed by leaving asbestos-containing materials undisturbed or by encapsulating them – applying an appropriate protective layer that keeps asbestos fibres contained.

If you would like to find out more about our asbestos remediation services, talk to us today: 01268 534 034.

Asbestos Testing near me

Asbestos air testing provides you with a detailed analysis of asbestos fibre concentrations at any given site. It’s an important tool for confirming that a building doesn’t have dangerous concentrations of airborne asbestos, as well as for ensuring safe concentrations are maintained during removal, remediation and demolition works. To learn more about the different kinds of asbestos air testing we offer, please get in touch. Call Now: 01268 534 034.

asbestos testing near me
Asbestos removal & hazardous waste removal near me

Hazardous Waste removal near me

Integral is fully licenced and highly experienced at hazardous waste disposal. So, if you need asbestos or other hazardous waste to be safely and legally disposed of, we’re here to help. Give us a call to arrange the collection of your hazardous waste on 01268 534 034.

Additional Services

Minor demolition service available

Integral Environmental Solutions Limited is a fully insured and authorised to remove waste from your premises. With our building experience, we can also undertake small to medium demolition jobs.

Please contact us today for a free no obligation site survey and quote.

Fire Damage Cleanup Services in the UK

Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business.

After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from fire fighting efforts.

If a fire affected property is professional cleaned and cleansed it may not be safe for its users and occupants.

You can rely on our professionals to make sure your property is safely cleaned and cleansed. Contact us today for free site visit and quote.

Insulation Services

Integral Environmental Solutions Limited specialise in the supply and installation of all forms of insulation systems.

Call us today for a free site visit and quote.

Hazardous waste removal

Integral Environmental Solutions Limited is licensed and registered with the Environmental Agency as upper tier waste carrier. We can safely collect and dispose of your asbestos containing materials and ensure that it is disposed of correctly and in accordance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Just remember because you don’t need a license to remove some asbestos containing materials, it still needs to be disposed of correctly and as hazardous waste.

Contact us today for a quote.

Soft Strip Building Works

Integral Environmental Solutions Limited can remove all non-structural elements inside and outside of a building to facilitate demolition, refurbishment or remodeling works. We are also registered with the Environmental Agency as upper tier waste carrier and dealer.

Contact us today for free quote.

Bitumen & Adhesive Removal Integral Environmental Solutions can safely remove from all type of surfaces bitumen containing asbestos from floor surfaces using specialist dustless equipment.

Contact us today for free consultation.

Asbestos abatement & containment

Integral Environmental Solutions can safely remove asbestos containing artex from hard surfaces or by removing plasterboard in its entirety. We also have the skills and resources to carry out re-instatement works on completion.

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